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A brief guide on adding drivers, updating views, & amending the client host package.
Download as a 2 page PDF here:
Encompix Configuration Guide.pdf [194.17 KiB]
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• The Advanced Reporting (AR) client requires JDBC drivers in order to be compatible with Encompix.
AR does not distribute these drivers, as they are third party files, so they must be sourced elsewhere.
• You can install the JDBC files missing from the AR client by copying them from an installation that already contains the drivers, and place them inside the AR install directory.
The default location for this directory is C:\ Program Files \ Advanced Reporting.
• Aptean customers can typically locate these 8 .jar files wherever you have Progress locally installed.
• The .jar files to be copied over are:

◦ Base.jar
◦ Messages.jar
◦ Openedge.jar
◦ Pool.jar
◦ Progress.jar
◦ Schema.jar
◦ Spy.jar
◦ Util.jar

• You can paste these .jar files into the main Advanced Reporting install directory folder.



• In order to allow the creation & updating of SQL views, the Isolation Level must be changed to READ COMMITTED.
This can be done via the ODBC OpenEdge Driver configuration using the steps below.
It will require all users to be logged off of the Progress database.
• From your Start Menu, select Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Data Sources (ODBC) > System DSN.


• Within the System DSN tab, select your data source.
This is your live database.
• Select “Configure” and in the new window, click the Advanced tab.
• The Default Isolation Level has a dropdown menu.
From this menu, select READ COMMITTED and apply the change.
• Ensure that all users are logged off of the Progress database, including the master (admin) user.

• You may now relaunch the Advanced Reporting client.
• You will be prompted for the database administrative password. Enter the credentials for your SYSADM Progress user.
Note that if you have multiple companies, you will receive a db login prompt for each of them and you will need to enter the credentials each time.
• Following these steps, we recommend that the Isolation Level be changed back to UNCOMMITTED

• Check your AR install directory to ensure that the sc17.syn file has been deleted.
As the views are updated within the client, sc17.syn should automatically delete itself at the conclusion of this process. If this file still appears after you have completed the steps above, it indicates that the views may not have updated properly.


• After your Advanced Reporting client has been updated to version 8.1.02, you will need to modify your company connection(s). Perform the following steps:

◦ Launch AR client and navigate to Admin Setup
◦ Select the Connection Setup tab
◦ Highlight your company name and click “Modify”
◦ Proceed through the screens until you reach Host Specifics Setup. Note that the ERP Version window is blank. Use the dropdown to select the proper version for your ERP. Click “Finish.”
◦ Relaunch the AR client for this change to go into effect.
◦ Note that you must complete this step for each of your company connections.
Read more on the connection setup.


If you are still prompted to create views after you have completed the initial setup and steps above:
•Check the Isolation Levels and confirm it is on READ COMMITTED and then launch the AR client.
• If the issue persists, contact CompuSoft Support.

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