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Financial Tutorial PDFs: Beginning & Advanced
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Author:  admin [ Tue Jan 29, 2019 3:53 pm ]
Post subject:  Financial Tutorial PDFs: Beginning & Advanced

Beginning Financial Tutorial
BeginningFinancialTutorialVersion7.1.14Final.pdf [4.38 MiB]
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Please note this PDF applied to client version 7.1

includes instructions on:
-Accountant's Trial Balance Report
-Opening a General Ledger Transaction Detail
-Creating a Financial Report
-The Report Designer
-Basic Formatting with the Toolbar
-Changing Row Heights
-Inserting and Deleting Rows
-Changing Column Widths
-Hiding Rows and Hiding Columns
-Merging Cells and Changing Cell Contents
-Cell Properties
-Choosing a Source of Calculations
-Entering a Formula
-The Accounting Reference Cell
-Editing Multiple Cells
-Using Conditional Logic with Conditional Cells
-Adding Footers to a Report
-Linking to a Cell on Another Report
-Drilling Down into a Financial Report
-Drilling Down into a Sub-Ledger
-Drilling Down to a Quick Viewer
-Drilling Down to Another Source Document

Advanced Financial Tutorial

AdvancedFinancialTutorialVersion7.1.14Final.pdf [3.42 MiB]
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Includes instructions on:

-Creating a Report using Advanced Accounting Cells
-Accounting Cell vs Advanced Accounting Cell
-Creating the Revenue Section of the Report
-Cell Filters
-Zero Balances
-Creating the COGS Section
-Detail Accounting Area Definition
-Area Filters
-Area Sorting
-Total and Subtotal Cells
-Creating the Operating Expense Section
-Filter Masks
-Using the Filters in a Report
-Variable Criteria
-Consolidating into a Single Cell and Multiple Cells
-Advanced Consolidations and Eliminations
-Account Mapping
-Posting Eliminating Entries / Eliminations on a Report
-Entering Conversion Rates & Using Currency Conversions
-Setting Account Currency Defaults

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