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Account Ranges & Bounded Ranges Guide
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Author:  admin [ Thu Mar 21, 2019 2:27 pm ]
Post subject:  Account Ranges & Bounded Ranges Guide

Download a 1 page PDF of these instructions here:

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--The reporting client allows you to enter a range of account numbers within the report designer.
This will roll up all accounts within the range into a single cell, and is the equivalent of if you had entered each account number individually.
--An account range beginning and end number are separated by a colon.
--Wildcards are designated by question marks, representing placeholders instead of an actual number. The wildcards must be the same length as the account number they are representing. Wildcards can be used at any location within the account number.
--In order for an account mask to be filterable, it must contain wildcards.

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--Bounded ranges allow you to further narrow the window within segments of the account number. Essentially, they are a range within a range. It has been compared to the absolute range function in Excel.
--If your validation list is too expansive, this is a good indicator you need a bounded range.
--Bounded ranges are designated by brackets. Only the range you wish to parse needs to be contained in the bracket, rather than the whole account mask.

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--You can include multiple bounded ranges in the Account Numbers window, simply separate them with a comma.
--In order to apply filters within a bounded range, it must contain wildcards.
--A defined object with numbers in it cannot be filtered.
--If an account mask contains a bounded range and wildcards, and you want those wildcards to be filterable, the wildcards must also be placed within brackets.

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