Elevate.exe error
Launching Synoptix client or installing client triggers error: "Could not locate elevate.exe"

This is caused by Windows permissions issue in the user environment.  Antivirus software can commonly cause this issue, as well as other security measures that block access to the default location.  As this is an environmental issue, it is not an error that needs to be resolved in the Synoptix client.  To resolve, users can work with their internal IT.  A few steps that typically resolve this error:

  • Ensure the workstation user you are logged in as and installing the Synoptix client with has full Admin rights
  • When performing the Synoptix installation, launch the install executable with "Run as Administrator."
  • Ensure anti-virus software is disabled when performing the installation; grant an exception for Synoptix
  • Ensure full control is granted to the Synoptix folder (see instructions here)