Cannot run reports after upgrading from Visual 7 to 9
Ever since upgrading to Visual 9, we haven't been able to run reports out of Synoptix. When we go to 'Connection Setup' to modify our connection, the Entity ID drop-down menu is blank. If we change back to the Visual 7 'Host database container name', our Entity ID is there, but it isn't with the Visual 9 'Host database container name'. I'm assuming this has something to do with the changes made in Visual 9, but I'm not sure how to fix this in regards to this issue. Any ideas?
Hello Adam,

Thank you for the post. Whenever this happens, it means the wrong host package is selected. Beginning in Visual 7.1, Site ID or Company ID was put in place of Entity ID. In Synoptix, you have to delete your existing company connection (in Admin > Connection Setup) and add it back with the 7.1 host package which is probably "Visual MFG 7.1 MSSQL."  It's also important to keep the connection name the same within Synoptix. For example, if you have a connection named VisualProd with the "Visual MFG SQL Server" host package, you should delete it and add a new connection named VisualProd but with the "Visual MFG 7.1 MSSQL" host package. 7.1 really means 7.1 and later. This is important for your existing reports that use our default spheres. 

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Synoptix Support
That fixed it. Thanks for your help and quick response.

Download guide: 
.pdf   Visual Upgrade _ Modifying Host Package.pdf (Size: 109.79 KB / Downloads: 1)