This update must be applied to the desktop client first and then to browser.


[*]Launch Synoptix Designer screen and Synoptix in General (Control Panel) (Main Menu) 
[*]Want Pre-run Report Options box to popup when a report is selected from the Search on the browser 
[*]Fixed ReportRunner to work with 8.1.x 


[*]Bug 3824 - Custom spheres are not exported / imported with report
[*]Bug 3812 - Existing report with narrow columns does not print in 
[*]Bug 3805 - Non-Colleague users are seeing CANNED reports
[*]Bug 3728 - Unable to assign group permissions
[*]Bug 3397 - @user() label doesn't work in a footer
[*]Bug 3833 - Filter names with an apostrophe will throw an error if it is specified in the criteria
[*]Bug 3820 - unable to use MIN or MAX in custom calculation field
[*]Bug 3671 - Filter criteria with "AND" in the name cannot be excluded from report
[*]Bug 3752 - Audit report does not run in browser if report uses variable company
[*]Bug 3846 - Student Financial Aid sphere throws 'Invalid Object' errors
[*]Bug 3847 - Run w/o Filters and Make Owner checkboxes are linked together. Checking one will automatically check the other
[*]Bug 3867 - Accounting Cells return zero when trying to pull budget from a Synoptix budget
[*]Bug 3873 -  Inventory Transactions sphere no longer usable