DESKTOP CLIENT | Database connection errors
Refreshing Connections to Production Databases
in the desktop client

  • If a Synoptix desktop client has an unstable or lost database connection, it can manifest in multiple ways. 
    --Users may notice serious speed issues when creating or running reports
    --There may be a pop-up indicating a connection error. These may be worded as closed connection, detail thread exception, connection detail rows, or poolable connection errors
    --Data from the production database may not populate in the reports
    --The Accountant's Trial Balance may not return correct or complete data
    --Report designer properties may not appear 
    --Detail cell options or filters may not populate correctly

  • Clicking through the Connection Setup and relaunching the client will refresh these connections. Please note that it may take time for the client to reload the connection, during which you will not be able to navigate in the client and it will appear frozen. Wait for the pop-up confirming the connection has been refreshed that prompts you to relaunch.

  • Note that any unused or old/moved database connections can cause the client to launch slowly. It is advised these unnecessary connections are regularly cleaned up and removed from the Synoptix client Connection Setup list. This will not affect the databases in any way and they may be added back in later if necessary.  If reports are tied to these connections, you should export those reports and import them under an active database connection in Synoptix in order to retain access to those reports. 
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