Use Synoptix Desktop Client to Install or Update Another Workstation
How to use your existing Synoptix client to update another workstation, or fully install Synoptix to a new workstation


Because the Synoptix desktop client does not write to the Windows registry and is self-contained within the install directory folder, it is easy to copy and paste an installation to other computers.

You can use this method to either install the entire Synoptix desktop client to a new workstation without having to run the install wizard, or to apply an update to another workstation.  The methods are the same, but a full install also requires copying over the user defaults.

Please note that you should never paste over and replace an existing Synoptix folder; this method does not properly convert all files and will result in client corruption.
See detailed resources on both of these methods below.


Items necessary to fully install client on new workstation: Main Synoptix folder and .Synoptix defaults
  • Copy the main Synoptix install directory folder to the default location (C > Program Files) 

  • Copy the .Synoptix default folder from the user directory to the respective location (C > Users). 
    Paste to any user folders that need to access the client from that workstation.
    These defaults contain information on database connections.

Items necessary to apply an update to a workstation using a client that is already updated: Main Synoptix folder
  • Delete the existing Synoptix folder on the workstation that requires updating.  
    The new Synoptix folder will point to the existing .Synoptix defaults on the machine and auto-connect to your databases.

  • Copy the updated client from another workstation and paste main to the default destination (C > Program Files) 



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