Version 8.1.02

List of bug fixes contained in this version:
3526 - Hidden columns appearing on zoom in screen
3601 - Cannot delete filters
3632 - Alignment off on zoom In screen
3709 & 3708- Currency not working with Beg Bal
3714 - Webstart getting "500 error"
3716 - Properties panel not populating in designer when using Quick Views "Export to Report" functionality
3723 - Changing cell format for detail area that use variable company duplicates data
3731 - Add error message when user tries to login without correct username/pw
3734 - cannot drilldown in version 6 to a report run in version 5
3736 - Report with user dates does not allow drilldown in scheduler
3737 - Gaps on page with pdf print; descriptions cells sometimes overlap image cells in PDF
3738 - Unable to view report from scheduler emailed link
3739 - @Date formatting ending with 4 digit year not exporting to Excel
3742 - Outside email distribution does not work in 8.0.06 if admin user isn't selected as well.
3743 - Double underline prints as single underline
3745 - Subtotals export to Excel as zeros
3748 - wrong column drill down in browser
3754 - Can't drilldown past zoom in
3754 - Cannot drilldown to the transaction level on the web
3760 - when drilling down to report with user dates and advanced accounting cells from browser throws "for input string OR" error
3762 - Cannot find cell in cache file, Connections with '\' in the name can't drilldown on the web.
3764 - Save issues, value too long error while saving report that uses certain spheres and filters
3771 - Cannot run reports in the web, client pointed to incorrect default folder
3774 - Deleting Platform.jar so we can login with SSO
3786 - Interactive Reporting/QuickViews not working in 8.1.01
3788 - ODS Spheres throw errors and do not work directly with the Colleague SQL tables
3790 - Encompix DAA won't run and throws error.
3795 -Variable filter not appearing on viewer screen, data types cannot be used as filters when nvarchar(max)