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  Upgrading from version 6 to 7
Posted by: synoptix - 11-18-2019, 05:46 PM - Forum: Video Tutorials - No Replies

Upgrade videos

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

For guided assistance, please contact Support to purchase the upgrade support package.
Users may follow the video tutorials above to upgrade for free.  

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  Elevate.exe error
Posted by: synoptix - 11-11-2019, 08:31 PM - Forum: Troubleshooting & Technical How-Tos - No Replies


Launching Synoptix client or installing client triggers error: "Could not locate elevate.exe"

This is caused by Windows permissions issue in the user environment.  Antivirus software can commonly cause this issue, as well as other security measures that block access to the default location.  As this is an environmental issue, it is not an error that needs to be resolved in the Synoptix client.  To resolve, users can work with their internal IT.  A few steps that typically resolve this error:

  • Ensure the workstation user you are logged in as and installing the Synoptix client with has full Admin rights
  • When performing the Synoptix installation, launch the install executable with "Run as Administrator."
  • Ensure anti-virus software is disabled when performing the installation; grant an exception for Synoptix
  • Ensure full control is granted to the Synoptix folder (see instructions here)

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  Cannot run reports after upgrading from Visual 7 to 9
Posted by: adam.stevenson - 10-22-2019, 08:57 PM - Forum: Troubleshooting & Technical How-Tos - Replies (3)

Ever since upgrading to Visual 9, we haven't been able to run reports out of Synoptix. When we go to 'Connection Setup' to modify our connection, the Entity ID drop-down menu is blank. If we change back to the Visual 7 'Host database container name', our Entity ID is there, but it isn't with the Visual 9 'Host database container name'. I'm assuming this has something to do with the changes made in Visual 9, but I'm not sure how to fix this in regards to this issue. Any ideas?

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  Prompted for update name
Posted by: synoptix - 10-22-2019, 04:42 PM - Forum: Troubleshooting & Technical How-Tos - No Replies

 Prompted for Update Name
(occurring in version 8.1). How to update to the current version of 8.1.06

Download guide:
.pdf   Prompted for Update Name Version 8.1.pdf (Size: 153.73 KB / Downloads: 49)


 If you have additional questions, please consult these resources:

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  Relocating Apache Tomcat to a different server
Posted by: synoptix - 10-17-2019, 08:23 PM - Forum: Troubleshooting & Technical How-Tos - No Replies

[Image: jOXYNk0M5BfBDT-O13S0qHGRXBR7gXlwjAbtNs2j...fMgJCddWqC]Relocating Apache Tomcat to a different server

Download guide here:
.pdf   Relocating Apache Tomcat to a different server.pdf (Size: 79.59 KB / Downloads: 13)

  •  The browser scheduler is hosted by your Apache Tomcat installation.  Tomcat is not just contained in a folder that exists on the server, it is also configured as a service.  This means if you are changing the server Tomcat is hosted on, you need to remove the current installation on the old server and perform a fresh install on the new server.

  • On the original server that you are retiring as the Tomcat host, ensure the Tomcat service has been stopped.
  • You may delete the entire Apache Tomcat folder and remove it as a service. You may also delete the Synoptix client from this server if you like.  Please note that the Apache Tomcat service points to a local installation of the Synoptix client in order to run, so you will need an installation of the Synoptix client on the new server.  You do not need to use the full installation wizard, you can simply copy the existing Synoptix client on the original server to the new server, or copy it from another workstation.  We have detailed instructions on this process available.
  • Once you have removed Tomcat from the original server and have an updated client installation on the new server, you are ready to install and configure Apache Tomcat.  Before doing so, please ensure the new server meets adequate system settings.  You can view minimum requirements in our Forum guide.

See install tutorial video 

During the installation of the Scheduler, run with the Apache Tomcat service, the following rights / access will be required.  We recommend having an internal IT administrator participate in the install.
  • Rights to Program Files
  • Ability to start and stop server Services
  • Access to the server that Apache Tomcat is being installed on, IP address and port number
  • Outgoing email server setup (type, port, if TLS, etc.)

Access to the Scheduler recommended with latest edition of standard browser:
Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Safari, Edge. Note that security exceptions may need to be configured in your internet browser to permit access to the Scheduler.
Firefox is not supported.

  • You must be logged into and have admin rights to the server you wish to run the Apache Tomcat service from. This should be a 64 bit computer with 8 GB available space.
    This service will only run from this machine and does not need to be installed to individual user workstations.

  • You will need to know the IP of this server and the available port you would like to use.
  • The Synoptix client folder should be copied to the server where you are going to run Tomcat from, in order for Tomcat to access necessary files within the client folder.

  • The Synoptix client must be installed and updated to the most recent version prior to installing the Scheduler.
  • Download Tomcat 8.5 from Apache site, 32/64 bit installer, and run the install wizard. 
  • Do not use Java path that auto-fills for the Java Virtual Machine; click ellipsis & direct it to the JRE folder inside of the Synoptix folder in Program Files.
    If both a JRE and JRE8 folder exist within the Synoptix folder, JRE8 takes precedence and should be where the Java path is pointed.

  • Once Tomcat is installed, you need to stop the Service and update the ROOT.war file.
    You can contact Synoptix Support to provide this file to you, or assist with the install. The ROOT.war file will match the version of the Synoptix client, so you will need to provide the version number to Support.

  • You will log in to the browser using the IP and port you have set for this service, and be prompted for connection parameters upon log in.
  • You will configure Scheduler settings through the browser Admin Setup, as well as configure Tomcat on the Windows machine.
  • The Report Save Path must be a folder created on the server running Tomcat and cannot be created on a mapped drive.

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Posted by: synoptix - 10-16-2019, 11:00 PM - Forum: Version Release Notes - No Replies

This update must be applied to the desktop client first and then to browser.


[*]Launch Synoptix Designer screen and Synoptix in General (Control Panel) (Main Menu) 
[*]Want Pre-run Report Options box to popup when a report is selected from the Search on the browser 
[*]Fixed ReportRunner to work with 8.1.x 


[*]Bug 3824 - Custom spheres are not exported / imported with report
[*]Bug 3812 - Existing report with narrow columns does not print in 
[*]Bug 3805 - Non-Colleague users are seeing CANNED reports
[*]Bug 3728 - Unable to assign group permissions
[*]Bug 3397 - @user() label doesn't work in a footer
[*]Bug 3833 - Filter names with an apostrophe will throw an error if it is specified in the criteria
[*]Bug 3820 - unable to use MIN or MAX in custom calculation field
[*]Bug 3671 - Filter criteria with "AND" in the name cannot be excluded from report
[*]Bug 3752 - Audit report does not run in browser if report uses variable company
[*]Bug 3846 - Student Financial Aid sphere throws 'Invalid Object' errors
[*]Bug 3847 - Run w/o Filters and Make Owner checkboxes are linked together. Checking one will automatically check the other
[*]Bug 3867 - Accounting Cells return zero when trying to pull budget from a Synoptix budget
[*]Bug 3873 -  Inventory Transactions sphere no longer usable 

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  How to Change Activation Codes
Posted by: synoptix - 10-14-2019, 10:11 PM - Forum: Troubleshooting & Technical How-Tos - No Replies

Guide to Modifying Activation Codes in the Synoptix Client

Download PDF guide:
.pdf   How to Modify Activation Codes.pdf (Size: 98.66 KB / Downloads: 12)


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  How to Refresh Database Connections
Posted by: synoptix - 09-30-2019, 04:25 PM - Forum: Troubleshooting & Technical How-Tos - No Replies

Refreshing Connections to Production Databases

Download guide:
.pdf   How to Refresh Database Connections.pdf (Size: 115.87 KB / Downloads: 12)

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  CLIENT | Database connection errors
Posted by: synoptix - 09-30-2019, 04:25 PM - Forum: Quick Fixes: our top 10 solutions - No Replies

Refreshing Connections to Production Databases

  • If a Synoptix client has an unstable or lost database connection, it can manifest in multiple ways. 
    --Users may notice serious speed issues when creating or running reports
    --There may be a pop-up indicating a connection error. These may be worded as closed connection, detail thread exception, connection detail rows, or poolable connection errors
    --Data from the production database may not populate in the reports
    --The Accountant's Trial Balance may not return correct or complete data
    --Report designer properties may not appear 
    --Detail cell options or filters may not populate correctly

  • Clicking through the Connection Setup and relaunching the client will refresh these connections. Please note that it may take time for the client to reload the connection, during which you will not be able to navigate in the client and it will appear frozen. Wait for the pop-up confirming the connection has been refreshed that prompts you to relaunch.

  • Note that any unused or old/moved database connections can cause the client to launch slowly. It is advised these unnecessary connections are regularly cleaned up and removed from the Synoptix client Connection Setup list. This will not affect the databases in any way and they may be added back in later if necessary.  If reports are tied to these connections, you should export those reports and import them under an active database connection in Synoptix in order to retain access to those reports. 
Download guide:
.pdf   How to Refresh Database Connections.pdf (Size: 115.87 KB / Downloads: 2)

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  User Setup & Adding New Users
Posted by: synoptix - 09-19-2019, 08:29 PM - Forum: Tutorials & Guides - No Replies

User Setup and Adding New Users to the Synoptix Client

Download Guide as a PDF:
.pdf   User Setup and adding new users.pdf (Size: 177.63 KB / Downloads: 17)


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